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for the Black Penny Records Online Shop, represented by Kris Pohlmann, Markgrafenstr.28, D-40545, Düsseldorf we strictly follow the regulations of the Data Protection Act enacted by the Federal Republic of Germany. On, personal data are only collected to the technically necessary extent to process your order or to keep you updated on news if you subscribed to our newsletter. Under no circumstance will the data be sold or handed to third parties outside the client-provider-relationship for any other reason.

The subsequent declaration provides an overview about how this protection is ensured, which kind of data and for which purpose data are collected when using the website, and which data and for which purpose data are made available to third parties (specifically members and contracting parties).


  • 1     Collection and processing of your data

(1)        You can visit our website without giving personal information. Here, we only store access data within so-called Server Log Files. These are data which are provided by your browser and are not related to you as an individual, such as:

  • type and version of the browser
  • operating system used
  • referrer URL (the site visited before)
  • hostname of the computer (IP address)
  • time of server inquiry

We cannot allocate these data to individual users. These data are not connected with other data sources. Additionally, the data are deleted after statistical evaluation.

(2)       If you register as a customer, sign up for our newsletter or wish to use specific functions of our website, personal data are collected. You will find detailed information about the kind and extent of the data collection on each respective site. Without your separate consent, we exclusively use your data to handle the contractual relationship with you as a user of our website. The extent of this contractual relationship is explained in our terms and conditions.

(3)       Your data is processed on servers located in Germany and, therefore, in the framework of the EU data protection level.

(4)       According to the aforementioned explanations, you remain anonymous when using our website and only the data you stated are displayed to other users. Your email-address and password are not handed to third parties as long as you do not voluntarily provide these and other personal data.

(5)       We also process your data for statistical use. We log accesses to our site and use analysing software on our servers. Your personal data is not used in this way nor can we conclude from statistical data to personal data.

  • 2     Use and transfer of your data

(1)       We only use the data given within the scope of our website and to the respective purpose intended by the date. In case your data is transferred to other companies, e.g. to database developers or service providers, these companies may only use your data to complete the contractual relationship between you and us.

(2)       When you log on to our website, a connection to our database is set up in order to show you the status and history of your orders.

(3)        Data other than the data you provided for publication, especially such data you provided for processing your membership internally (such as your email-address), are only transferred to third parties upon a respective legal obligation or in order to observe legitimate interest.

(4)       Due to legal regulations it can be the case that we are obliged to store your data after the termination of your membership. Such storage exceeding your membership will always be carried out to the extent necessary and under consideration of the legal clauses.

(5)       Any transfer of your data will be encoded as soon as you use third party providers such as PayPal or credit card-companies for payment of products bought on our website – in case we use these payment methods in the future. In order to process your payment, your data will be transferred to and synchronized with the third party provider. The data will not be used outside the framework of the actual contractual agreement.

  • 3     Use of cookies

(1)       In operating our website we use cookies in order to enable visiting our website and using our services. Cookies are small text-files which are stored on your computer.

(2)       The cookies we use are deleted as soon as you end your browser-session (so-called session-ID cookies). A new cookie will be generated upon your next visit.

(3)       Our partner companies are not at allowed to collect, process or use personal data from our website via cookies.

(4)       You can set your browser to always inform you about established cookies, to decide case by case if you accept the cookies or to generally not accept cookies. In case you generally do not accept cookies, the functionality of our website might be limited. Please see your browser operations manual or contact the manufacturer of the browser to learn the configurations necessary to handle cookies on your computer.

  • 4     Data security

(1)       We secure our website and all other systems against loss, destruction, access, editing or forwarding your data through unauthorized persons by high quality technological and organisational means. Access to your client-account is only enabled after entering your personal password.

(2)        You should always keep your access-data confidential and close the browser-window upon terminating communication with us, especially if you are sharing the computer with other users.

  • 5     Newsletter

(1)       If you wish to receive our newsletter we need your valid email-address as well as information allowing us to check that you are the owner of that email-address, or that the owner approves receiving the newsletter. You provide these information if you accept receiving the newsletter upon registration and if you confirm your acceptance by clicking the confirmation-link in a respective verification-email (so-called “Double Opt-In“). You can also declare your acceptance later by using the “Subscribe to newsletter”-function on our website and following the abovementioned steps. Additional data are not collected. Data will not be transferred to third companies.

(2)        You can withdraw your acceptance of storing data, the email-address and the use of this address for sending the newsletter at any time.

(3)        You will find more detailed information about the kind and extent of the data collection related to the newsletter on the respective pages and in our terms and conditions.

  • 6     Right of disclosure of data

According to the Federal Data Protection Act, you are entitled to the right of gratuitous disclosure of your saved data and the right to correction, barring, or deletion of these data. To do so, please ask our contact person for data protection named in § 8 of this declaration. We have to point out that we only collect such personal or data traffic that was originally provided by you within the scope of using our website.


  • 7     Revocation of acceptance

You have explicitly accepted the following statements during the ordering process. We would like to point out that you can revoke your acceptance at any time with regard to the future.

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“Yes, I read the terms and conditions and the data protection declaration and I agree to use my data in connection with purchases via

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  • 8     Contact person for data protection

If you have any questions about the collection, processing or use of our personal data; if you request disclosure, correction, barring or deletion of data; or if you would like to revoke any acceptance, please contact us at